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VIDEO: Pantanal is burning, send us money

If Trump wins, he will help Bolsonaro to set fire in Pantanal, the largest forest of the Milky Way. The only way to stop these Nazis from killing cute pets is giving us money. See the video and send us green


As we reported before, Pantanal, the largest forest of the world, of Brazil and of the Oceania and Caribbean is burning like hell due to our president, Jair Bolsonaro, who is personally setting fire to every piece of wood, animal and UN contract which he sees ahead. The only way to stop Bolsonaro of increasing global warming is giving us money to convince him to dress like an indian.

In the last days of the American election campaign, the world face a difficult choice: either Donald Trump, who is friend of Bolsonaro, and who is almost Hitler, and who are setting fire to the forest because the mainstream media said so, or Joe Biden, who is an angel sent from Heaven, who loves Pantanal and the Indians who live there, who don’t spread fake news, wear masks all the time, don’t deny science and fight transphobia.

For that not to happen, you need to give us cash so that we can save all seals, giraffes, koalas and buffalo in the Pantanal. We also need the funding and peace awards given to Greta Thunberg (in cash, please).

For the gringos who don’t understand the civilizational threat posed by a reelection of Trump and Bolsonaro, we made this simple video that will help you realize that the only hope for our future is giving us money. Our future depends on you and your wallet.

Here are some facts you need to know about Pantanal

  • All water from Atlantic Ocean (The Pound) and half from Indian Ocean comes from Pantanal.
  • Pantanal has the second largest variation of specimens on the planet, with billions of kangaroos, whales, giraffes, penguins, camels and American eagles, only after Central Park Zoo.
  • The arsons in Pantanal are burning old mummies, three treasures of Indiana Jones (and one of Lara Croft), one new kind of marijuana and the flight log of Jeffrey Epstein (ok, forget about this part, or Al Gore will burn the mess out himself tomorrow).
  • Pantanal has the secret ending of Pitfall.
  • Pantanal’s version of Mount Rushmore has Hillary Clinton on it.
  • All the indians in Pantanal vote for Joe Biden, gave good feedback for “Cuties” and wear masks all the time. They do not deny science and fight against transphobia.


Save Pantanal filling our ass with money. Pantanal needs you and your dollars.

Pantanal is burning. Send us money.

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Flavio Morgenstern

Flavio Morgenstern é escritor, analista político, palestrante e tradutor. Seu trabalho tem foco nas relações entre linguagem e poder e em construções de narrativas. É autor do livro "Por trás da máscara: do passe livre aos black blocs". Tem passagens pela Jovem Pan, RedeTV!, Gazeta do Povo e Die Weltwoche, na Suiça.

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